Digital artists are ditching their gym memberships for new workout plan

We know that it can be tough for digital artists to make time to hit the gym. That’s why many are turning to a trendy workout regime that doesn’t require you to even leave your home or office. What’s their secret? It’s called the Abs after 40 workout and we’ve got the run down on why its working so well.

As the body changes, it undergoes natural changes which cannot be curbed but to a certain extent. However, even though you cannot stop some of the changes, you can make some lifestyle changes that can slow or speed up the process [1]. This is where the Abs after 40 workout plan comes into the picture. Made specifically for men who are nearing 40 or have surpassed it the plan details workouts and suitable diet plans that can aid in muscle growth and balance hormone levels in the body.

What happens when the body ages?

The human body is made up of fat, lean tissue, water and bones. When we age, we tend to lose lean tissue and some of our organs start to deteriorate as well. When the muscles start to go we start to atrophy and some of our bones also start to get weaker or become less dense which can lead to osteoporosis.

However, all of this happens internally but what happens externally merits equal concern especially for men who turn 40 years old or are more than 40.  Suddenly, they cannot keep up with the rigorous workout regime that had never let them down in their 30s. They get tired easily and more quickly, their midriff is thicker than ever before and no amount of exercise would diminish it.

The fact of the matter is that fat content starts to increase in men once they hit their 30s. In fact, they have 1/3rd more fat compared to their younger days and most of it accumulates in the middle. Once it starts forming around internal organs, diseases and even organ failure will not be far behind. However, the layer of fat that is underneath the skin reduces, so the excess fat that is internalized is really not doing anything but making us fatter.

Why do middle age men get fatter?

When men become middle aged, this process accelerates and is evident by a thickening waistline. Even though this is avoidable, several factors that come into play at this point in life can make active weight loss very difficult to maintain such as taking care of a family, maintain a nine to five job that leaves little time for the gym, bills and health issues that can result in more fat gain [2].

However, one of the main reasons for weight gain during middle age is slow metabolism. In other words, men burn fewer calories than they consume each day when they reach their 40s which is difficult to burn off. Muscle mass also decreases at this age which has a large hand in slowing down metabolic rate thus preventing weight loss. All of this is caused by a reduction and imbalance in testosterone levels which if left unchecked can lead to massive weight gain once a man reaches his 50s.

The fact is that the leanness of our muscle mass is bound to how much or how little we move. It’s a basic case of supply and demand [3]. Whether a man does a quick walk or a rigorous workout, the muscles require energy which triggers the mitochondria in our body. This turns fat and glucose into adenosine triphosphate which is fuel that our bodies need to keep functioning on a daily basis. If exercise comes to an abrupt end, so does this energy supply leaving us tired and unable to burn as much fat as we used to.

How Abs After 40 Works to Defeat Fat and Build Muscle

Abs After 40 is a 90 days long fitness regime and workout plan which leverages a 3 stage designed to aid men who are above 40 or are 40 years old in gaining a lean musculature, core and lose weight according to their physical needs. The workout is targeted to achieve maximum testosterone production and boost energy but in ways that an aging body can handle and maintain.

According to the fitness expert who designed the workout plan, the regime was created specifically for to replace more rigorous plans which are suitable for men in their 20s and 30s. Since most of the regimes are geared towards them, he combined suitable parts which suited his age from a number of them to come up with a workout scheme that can work for 40 year olds. Trying to do those exercise during middle age can result in injuries which can take weeks and months to recover from as well. That’s because at that point, the body is quite fragile and is very different from what it was a decade ago.

The plan also comprises of diet routines which are designed specifically for a more mature man and which do not take more than an hour to complete. Since most men depend on their wives to cook for them, it can be difficult to incorporate the plan, but since it includes regular mentorship and advice, Abs over 40 has been quite effective for a number of men.

The thing is if belly fat is not taken care of at this age, it will just keep on increasing to the point that it causes diseases which can be hard to recover from. Excess fat can also reduce the quality of your life, impact your libido and reduce your stamina prematurely to the point that even daily tasks will seem insurmountable.

However, you do not need to go all out on a workout regime that you used to do during your 20s and 30s. It will not work as well for one thing and it can cause injuries which you cannot afford during this age and time in your life. Abs over 40 is a viable replacement if you want to look ripped at that age, remain active and play with your grandchildren down the line on your own two feet.