Playing Poker Online – An Overview on Live Poker and Online Poker

Online Poker Alex

Online Poker games are set to have won the hearts of all those players, who were once regular players in the real time versions. Slowly, with time the popularity and favoritism has shifted the focus and today people have found the easiest way to play poker games alongside few of its variants. What made the change so viable? What made people to reconsider their interests? What made Poker the best card gambling it is today? Alex Dreyfus, one of the popular personalities, who has an in-depth knowledge on poker and the subjects, explains the answers to these questions as follows.


Technology made Easy:

Technology is one aspect, which has made lives easier than possibly a person could have expected. Games have been a persistent part of computer and technology, which has seen its own versions of evolutions and online poker, is a prime part of the evolution. Just by a combination of clicks, earnings like no other can be earned with ease. This is the wisest explanation for a game, which has given many gamers a livelihood status, just because of its variability. Here are some points and facts on playing online poker games,

  • Experiencing the Online Casinos: Online Casinos are pretty much the reason, why the advent of online gambling games has been popularized. Without these, it is almost impossible to experience online poker games. Some casinos have customized to host casino games in the first place. The gaming interface in these casinos is visually attractive and the number of games hosted, gives the players a variability to try out different games in their inventory. One more forms of online version is the real time live gaming versions are hosted in these casinos. This is a form, which has caught up the imagination of players over the time and there remains no player, who will not deny the game’s ability to attract players globally.
  • Live Casino Games are so intriguing as well as player-friendly, it offers a-real time feel of playing in a casino based in Macau or Las Vegas, just by logging from the PC/ Laptop. What’s more interesting is the player’s skill levels will be put to test and games for different skill levels, will be allotted for players before the starting of the gamers. The dealers are mostly from some popular Vegas/ Macau based casinos, will trade the rightful card combinations alongside the winnings. Most of the well-famed casinos have multi-angle camera setup, which gives the players a real life feel of casinos. What separate the casinos from each other are the bonus stakes and different wage level bonuses from the casinos. Rest assured, live casinos are one of the few ways to experience online poker games.
  • On the other hand, the online casino games are never behind to leave an impact. These games are lesser realistic than Live games. However, like any other triggering aspects, online games have their brownie points over live games. Alex Dreyfus on Huffington post tells how.


  • Personal Privacy Space: While playing from home, especially when playing casually, no person would go up and change his pajamas or night dress into a tuxedo or a suit, just because he/ she is playing online casino games. While Live poker games, may see a person in a lot formal attire, online versions merely requires any such things to follow. Thus, a personal space is maintained with utmost dignity.
  • More Number of Varieties: Online casinos are filled with options and varieties. For an instance, a person not always will love to stick with only a single game and might require to venture out some other games. The process to simply quit playing one such game and switch to a certain game, where the payouts are higher is also viable.
  • Speed Factor and Autoplay: This is a part, which differentiates patient players with the casual ones in the main scale levels. Playing live poker is time consuming, irrespective of how good the internet connection maybe, but the time taken for the opponent to that of another person varies. In case of online games, the matter is executed in a matter of seconds and autoplay feature works in a great deal.


Final thoughts on Online vs Live Poker Games

Both online and live poker games are essentially, two of the entertaining forms of casino games to have existed. It is a matter of which one to choose and why to choose separates players from not choosing other alternatives. Alex Dreyfus on USAToday admits on the winnings of poker games are subjected to the risks taken by different players. Lastly, it is a serious matter of prudence for players of both forms of pokers, to stay alert all the time and not end up in losing all.