Upcoming Technologies – Advanced Than What You Can Imagine It to Be

Technology is ever ready to blow up your mind when it presents something advanced than your expectations. It will continue to do so as long as creative and genius minds work steadfastly to innovate new technology. All this is to improve and ease the ways of living.

Some advanced products that would change our way of grasping technology are on their way and would soon enter the market. These new advanced devices, gadgets, software, intelligent systems and much more would come in the next few years. Some of these are:

  • Flying cars – a dream car soon to set into motion:


It would be a two-seater car, which one could normally drive on roads. When the need to fly, it needs no airport just an open area, especially grassy one. Backed with all the then latest technologies it would be the dream car anyone would want. Piloting this vehicle would be easy with using just few control buttons. Computer controlled features would make it easy for the people to access it with ease. This vehicle might change the entire means of transport in the near future at the global level.

  • Driverless car that would make you forget your driving:

The reason to forget would be that you would not have the need to drive your car. With the use of cameras, sensors, radars and much more, the car would be able to detect the objects nearby, its movements and drive accordingly. Companies like Google are on their way to prepare such autonomous vehicle for everyone’s use. Still facing some difficulties and complications, the companies believe they would tackle it to make it available in the market sooner.

  • Knock knock! Who is there? Drone is here to deliver your product!

Shopping items like food, groceries and other items will get delivered to you, your exact location by these delivery drones. Also known as parcelocopter, these seem to have come right out of a classic science fiction.

  • 3D printing purpose taken on a completely new level:

It would soon become possible to create products by printing them. One such idea is to produce food through printing. One company is researching on how to apply powdered food, so that after printing, it would solidify to present the food and melt when in contact with mouth. Similar technique would produce bio printing of human parts and organs that would enable medical science to perform more miracles.

  • Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things is in the mind of many, as they await to experience this groundbreaking technology. It comprises of objects implanted with such wirings, electronics, and software and so on, with the help of which it is capable of collecting and transmitting data. Voice control is one such advanced feature that you might notice anytime soon. Perhaps, it could be a part of your home system. It would follow your instructions by understanding and following your voice.

These intelligent ways of living means upgrading the standard of living. These technologies are not too far, rather almost ready to knock into daily life and activities.