How To Pass A Drug Test For Weed Using Home Remedies?

You have smoked marijuana or weed, and you are supposed to take a urine test. What will you do? You know deep in your mind that Marijuana can stay inside the body up to 28 days. The level of weed inside the body would keep on decreasing every seven days provided one has not kept on smoking. Marijuana is also known as THC. If you are a frequent smoker, then Marijuana will stay inside the body for long periods of time. There are certain methods on how to pass a drug test for weed.

Understand Urine Analysis

Sometimes, a person will be asked to give urine sample without prior information, and there will be a time set for that. The person is supposed to give urine on the prescribed time. The other option is that a person will be given a later date and time for giving urine for the sample. The time factor in the second test can be made to full use, and steps can be taken to eliminate weed from the body.

The urine test will be looking for THC in the body and if you have smoked, the body recently would break it down. The key is always being prepared.

Know About Some Home Remedies

  • Controlled Intake: First and foremost thing for flushing out THC is to stop smoking weed. If a person is keeping on adding THC to the body, it would be difficult to flush out the weed from the system. It would be better to do smoking once in three weeks rather than doing it on a daily basis.
  • Hard Exercise: This leads to sweating, which is a method to detoxify the body. One should engage in running, swimming and walking and should ensure that body is sweating. One should not exercise 24 hours before the drug test.
  • Drinking Water: Understand that THC would be stored in fat cells and it is better to attack them first. Drinking lots of water would mean that body is forced to flush out toxic elements from the body through urine and can help in reducing thc element in the body. Diluting the urine would ensure that the THC level inside the body would fall below the threshold level.
  • Take Diuretics: Drinking diuretic like cranberry juice would help the body to be detoxified. The drinking of juice should be stopped 24 hours before the test.
  • Vitamin B Supplements: When a person dilutes the urine, it will become white. This can lead to suspicion on the mind of the drug testers. Thus, it is recommended to take Vitamin B supplement two hours before the drug test so that urine becomes yellow. Taking creatine supplement would remove doubts from the mind of the drug testers.
  • Intake of Aspirin: Taking this medication some four hours before the test is one sure way to detoxify the body as it would help in hiding or bringing down THC levels below the threshold level.

Alternative Cheating Method for Weed Users

One can use the mid urine test for how to pass a drug test for weed. It means that the first and last part of the urine would be loaded with chemicals and one can give a middle part for testing.