Top Three Sewing Machine Brands In 2017

If you’re a pro at sewing or enthused about learning to sew, then you must know about the best sewing machine brands available in the market. Many new models and names have entered the market due to the innovation and technological advancement.


The purpose is to discuss the sewing machine and the best brands. You can get to know some details about the names and their features, which will help you to take a call accordingly.


  1. Brother Brand – Model CS6000i


The Brother’s brand and model number CS6000i stands one of the finest sewing machines in the market. The computer system in it compares some of the expensive options and offers the industry best price.


Its several features and accessories make it ideal for quilting. The specialty of this model is it has seven styles of buttonhole stitching and sixty different stitching. It allows you to store providing an ample storage space for all the accessories. It comes with a warranty period of 25 years.


Thus, CS6000i fit the budget and a versatile model.


  1. SINGER Brand – Model 7258


Singer model 7258 is a high-end model offering versatility, fully computerized and has all features built-in.


The manual of Singer brand is a boon to the new learner’s as every minute detail is available in it and learning becomes very easy. Also, its great features support design different models for every professional.


An interesting feature of it is the automatic ending and beginning of the stitch. There is no need to remember for tying up as it adjusts automatically. Threading happens on its own. It threads and adjusts the tension on its own. There are hundred built-in stitches.


  1. Brother Brand – Model XM2701


This new model in the market is best known for its cost. It is the cheapest model, and Amazon has rated it number one. It is the upgraded version of Brother Brand with model number XL2600i. It has all the features offered by the XL and more add-ons at a very effective price. It is one of the best sewing machine brands, which every beginner must consider.


Even though it is extremely suited for beginners, still expert sewers can use it for an occasional job purpose. Instead of low price, it does not compromise on the features and quality of work it offers.


It offers 27 different stitches and six fundamental accessory feet. All the necessary tools are available, and every sewing requirement can be carried out at ease. The bobbin loader with the drop-in feature, routine winding, and one-step feature on the buttonhole are the simple yet effective.


It provides 25-years warranty, and that is also the additional reason to make it the best option for beginners.


Thus out of the three models, you can choose one based on your need. For cost opt for Brother XM2701, for a more professional approach buy Singer. If price and versatility is your option, then go to Brother CS6000i.


Happy Sewing!