osrs rent staker

Traditional gaming of days gone by has evolved into a mature world of high stakes and loads of money.  In the case of Old School Runescape, it’s a world not unlike Wall Street with players trading and selling their goods though battle and the winner takes all.

It’s addictive to the point disclaimers have to be issued to let players know real trading is not happening.  However, gamers still want to know if there’s a way to make real money.

OSR Rent Staker – The Best Route

Being of age, you can have your own max main account.  If you’re lucky enough to do so, this gives you options to “rent” your account to those who don’t have the luxury and want to go in to stake.  But is this the best route to take if you’re a staker.

There are sites that allow you to be an OSRS rent staker if you aren’t a max main account holder.  It’s best to rent from one of these reputable sites as opposed to a private person. There are scammers out there who take your money only to recover their account immediately and then the game disappears right before your eyes.

OSRS rent staker – the best route is NMZ Training.  This works just like renting a movie.  You let them know how many hours you plan to spend with the game and pay for the service.  That’s it.  NMZ is one of the safest places, and they have an extensive background in the business.

How Staking Works

The game provides potions, prayers, weapons, and all kinds of abilities for you to try to obtain through duels or trading.  Once you’ve rented your max account, you will have:

 – 99 attacks

 – 99 strengths

 – 99 defenses

 – 99 hit points

The idea is to be the player who gets the first hit in the duel.  In order to do that, your player identification number needs to be less than your partners.  You don’t want to stake with anyone who is offering to duel in uneven circumstances where there is no chance of you winning.  Always stake under equal conditions.

You are given the fighting options of:

 – Flick

 – Slash

 – Deflect

Flick offers the best course of attack.  The goal is to toggle evenly between attack and deflecting the advances of the person hitting you.

The other player will scam you by activating things, e.g. potions, without you knowing,  or turning things on, e.g. prayers, with you being oblivious.


OSR rent staker – the best route is definitely through NMZ.  Staking sounds very captivating.  It’s almost like gambling in a video format.  Just don’t lose yourself in this imaginary world.