Understanding handicap betting in soccer

handicap betting in soccer

The term handicap betting speaks of the balancing of the possibility of either side winning a match either with a positive or negative figure. The figure is therefore what is referred to as the handicap. The purpose of it is trying to even the chances of winning, and it the bookmaker that sets the numerical figure. The negative handicap is when one has to do more to be able to win while a positive handicap is when one has an advantage. Handicap applies to all sports which are governed by their own rules. Sites like Bitcoin Dice offer these opportunities.

In soccer, knowledge of the sport is what gives a person an upper hand against the bookmaker. It is therefore not about trying to predict which team will win; it is betting on how they will perform. An example would be betting that a match will end with three goals total instead of who wins and by how much. In as much as there is an element of prediction, one needs to have an understanding of the game and how the teams historically performed. Here, the handicap is presented as goals, so a + or – before the figure means that one wins if their team scores by one goal and the latter refer to someone making profit out of a team’s loss of fulfilling the same.

With trying to predict how a team will score, you’ll have to study then handicap table that, for example, the Premier League has. From there, you can look at the teams’ performance to determine where to best place your bets. Such tools, as well as commentaries, are crucial in decision making. It is a shift in the more traditional approach of betting where one places their bets on what team will win. Novice betters are finding that they have to sharpen their knowledge of the sport, not just soccer, to make the types of profit they hope to have.

When tracking the handicap performance of certain teams, it is important to follow the data and not what the public or the bookmaker predicts. There have been cases where a beloved team underperforms consecutively and fail to meet the handicap set for each game. For that reason, a person is better off looking at what the tables show and note the long-term trend. Using this information one can also shift their focus on other smaller teams that continue to show a positive trend. It is in this approach that one can make massive winnings due to an oversight on the bookmaker’s part.