Dedicore Offers Value-Added Hosting Services

The hosting services offered by help the customers in managing the business, handling everyday operations and delivering the value-added business solutions. The company aims to provide the web solutions with trust and integrity, which makes the customer happy and satisfied.

Various VPS hosting services offered are:

  • Offsite Storage Services
  • Network Design & Management
  • Data Cabling & Maintenance
  • Content Delivery Operation
  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Custom Developments Activities
  • Web Solutions & Updates
  • Geolocation & Mapping Services
  • Availability of Resources
  • Complete Web Security to the Systems
  • Advanced VoIP Systems
  • Network Administration & Management Services

Customized Secured Solutions

The company while offering services to the customers, offer customized solutions, which not only fit the business requirements but also ensures higher traffic to the website with high rate of inquiry conversion. The 24/7 support helps the business in growing faster by overcoming any limitations. The company also makes sure that the customer gets higher priority while delivering the customized services. It also offers complete security to the server system and to the database management system by reducing the risks and controlling the entire system.

Mobilefriendly Assistance

The mobile-friendly support and assistance always help the customer at every stage, which results in better business management. According to the Google algorithm update, it increases the use of mobile search effectively and allows the well-designed responsive websites to promote the business and to extend the business and social network. websites can be displayed on laptops, tablets or on the mobile phone of various sizes and designs easily.

Bulk Software Licenses

The website Dedicores displays powerful VPS hosting services, which can help in managing the important aspect of the business, such as software licenses. The company purchases the bulk of software licenses from the developers and allows the customers to use any of the software free, without any additional cost. It certainly helps the customers in experimenting various business solutions without any extra payment. It also extends the services such as Open VZ, Xen PV, XenServer, and Linux virtualization.

Dedicated VPS Hosting Services

The dedicated VPS hosting server also offers unlimited VPS licenses to manage various activities of the business. The support service executives work round the clock while assisting the customers and help in all types of basic to advanced operations. Also, the support team works with developers in updating the systems according to the customer requests and suggestions.

Additional Valueadded Services

  • com offers no refunds on the additional software licenses purchased which are as per the standard terms of service and policies.
  • The activation of the software can be obtained using licensing servers and online verification services.
  • The company Dedicore makes sure that the services offered are optimal while in use and also get timely updates of software and are conveyed to the customers periodically.
  • The 24/7 support services help in day-today operations and keep the customers pleased.
  • Cloud computing techniques provide all types of IT solutions based on KVM, container virtualization, extended memory operations along with virtualized extended network.
  • The web services allow disaster recovery services as a part of protection. It offers various data recovery and data management techniques.